The 2019 strategic plan for the Illinois Food Scrap Coalition (IFSC) has been finalized and is now available online. You may download the plan (in PDF format) directly at or find a link to the PDF document in the “Goals/Current Work” section of the “About IFSC” page of the IFSC web site.

The Illinois Food Scrap Coalition (IFSC) is a thriving not-for-profit organization advancing diversion and composting of organics in Illinois through advocacy, program implementation, market and business development, policy and outreach. The organization’s 2019 strategic plan includes the following overarching goals related to those focus areas of activity:

2019 Goals

  • Advocacy—Policy development and fundraising: To improve and develop legislative and regulatory policy and to secure funds to grow industry, infrastructure and end markets for finished compost.
  • Programs—Implementation and infrastructure development: To develop and maintain educational and recognition programs, including the We Compost program, and strengthening food scrap composting infrastructure.
  • Market Development—Infrastructure and end market growth: To drive specific attainable end market development strategies that will have statewide impact, expand capacity for more diversion, and develop demand for the end product.
  • Outreach: To disseminate educational materials to the public and stakeholders through marketing, communications and public relations, and to communicate the value of IFSC and grow membership.

For details on the planned approach to achieving these goals, including subcommittees responsible for progress toward each goal, see the complete 2019 IFSC Strategic Plan (PDF).

IFSC is grateful to all the members, directors and subcommittees who provided input and feedback in developing and finalizing this plan, as well as for the work they do throughout the year to advance organics diversion and composting in Illinois!

If you’d like to become involved by joining one or more of the responsible subcommittees mentioned in the strategic plan, please visit the subcommittee description pages below for further information. Contact the designated committee chairs to join.

IFSC Subcommittees

If you are not yet an IFSC member but would like to contribute to the goals outlined in this year’s strategic plan, please consider joining as an individual or organization. Details on membership benefits, dues, sustaining partnership opportunities, and membership forms are available at