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The Illinois Food Scrap & Composting Coalition brings together members with experience across the spectrum of food scrap composting.  This section compiles IFSCC member materials as well as materials and links to associations nationwide supporting food scrap composting. If you have additional resources to add to this section, please use the link at the bottom of the page to share that information.

Reports & Webinars


Food Scrap Composting Challenges and Solutions in Illinois Report to the General Assembly (2015)

This report was designed to educate elected officials, composting industry stakeholders and advocates, and the public-at-large about opportunities and strategies related to developing a robust food scrap composting industry in Illinois. This report and the Executive Summary of Recommendations supported the work of the Task Force on the Advancement of Materials Recycling. The report includes Background: The MSW and Composting Landscape, The Benefits of Composting, The Importance of Composting for Illinois, Food Scrap Composting Model Policies and Programs, Compost Quality Standards and Economic Potential, Analysis and Challenges and Solutions.

Explore the full report here.


Food Scrap Composting Economic Impact and Market Study (2016)

“Economic Impact and Market Study Report: Elements of the Case for Advancing Food Scrap Composting Industry and the Link to Building Illinois Local Food Recovery” was produced through collaboration with the Illinois Food Scrap Coalition (IFSC), Seven Generations Ahead (SGA) and contracted Skumatz Economic Research Associates (SERA). The report explores how expanding composting and food recovery can grow local food economies, including green and sustainable jobs.

Explore the full report here.


Educational White Paper on Benefits to Soil and Water from Composting Use in Agriculture (2018)

“Analysis of the Barriers and Opportunities for the Use of Compost in Agriculture,” discusses how to viably scale food scrap composting industry, expand local sustainable farming, and resolve depleted and diminishing soil quality.

Explore the full white paper here.


Compostable Plastics Forum: The Impacts and Implications of Use and Acceptance

August 20, 2020 – Co-organized by the IFSC and Chicago Sustainability Task Force, this forum brought together stakeholders from both sides of the compostable plastics lifecycle to discuss the current state of the industry, best practices, and how to handle an increase of compostable plastics at compost facilities while maintaining high standards in finished compost products.

Watch the recording HERE and read the notes HERE.    

Illinois Hospitals Recover Wasted Food and Compost

Speakers: Cynthia Vasquez, Rush Oak Park Hospital; Nicole Wynn & Jen Grenier, Rush University Medical Center; Joe Iosbaker, University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center

Recording here.           PDF here.

Illinois Institutions Reduce Wasted Food: How a University & Medical Center, Jail and Museum Reduce, Recover and Compost

Speakers: Jen Nelson, Seven Generations Ahead, Illinois Food Scrap Coalition, Wasted Food Solutions; Joe Iosbaker, University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center; Sgt. Daniel Sheline, Lake County Adult Correctional Facility; Carter O’Brien, The Field Museum

Recording here.                PDF  here.

Reducing Wasted Food through Campus Composting and Food Recovery

Produced in partnership by Seven Generations Ahead, the Illinois Green Economy Network (IGEN Community Colleges) and Illinois Food Scrap Coalition.

Speakers: Jen Nelson, Seven Generations Ahead, Illinois Food Scrap Coalition, Wasted Food Solutions; Christopher Clem, Triton College;  David Husemoller, College of Lake County

Presentation here.

Conducting a Waste Audit on Campus

Produced in partnership by Seven Generations Ahead, the Illinois Green Economy Network (IGEN Community Colleges) and Illinois Food Scrap Coalition.

Speakers: Jen Nelson & Alli Preble, Seven Generations Ahead; Adrian Fisher, Triton College; David Husemoller, College of Lake County

Recording here.      PDF here.

One Page Infographics

Compost 101: PDF 

Image front & Image back

Municipal Composting: PDF

Image front & Image back

Using Compost: PDF  
Residential Ride-Along Food Scrap Composting Guidelines PDF
 A Smashed Pumpkin is Better Than a Rotted One PDF
“If it Grows it Goes” PSA.  See this link for more info.
Composting and Soil Health Children’s Books PDF
IFSCC Media Piece PDF



IFSCC Sustaining         IFSCC Members      Other Composting Organizations


Eco ProductsPlatinum Sustaining since 2024
WasteNot Compost – Platinum Sustaining since 2024

Beans & Bagels – Gold Sustaining since 2021
Collective Resource Compost Cooperative – Gold Sustaining since 2024
Elgin Sustainability Commission – Gold Sustaining since 2021
NRDC – Gold Sustaining since 2022
SCARCE School and Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education – Gold Sustaining since 2016
Seven Generations Ahead – Gold Sustaining since 2017
The Mulch Center – Gold Sustaining since 2023
The Urban Canopy – Gold Sustaining since 2024
Whole Earth Compost – Gold Sustaining since 2023

Block Bins – Silver Sustaining since 2023
Christiansen Farms Premium Compost Supplier – Silver Sustaining since 2018
Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. – Silver Sustaining since 2017
Compost Supply – Silver Sustaining since 2023
Cool DuPage – Silver Sustaining since 2016
Duke’s Alehouse – Silver Sustaining since 2017
Garden Prairie Organics – Silver Sustaining since 2024
Green Era Chicago-Silver Sustaining since 2023
Go Green Barrington – Silver Sustaining since 2024
Illinois Environmental Council – Silver Sustaining since 2021
Lakeshore Recycling Systems – Silver Sustaining since 2019
Midwest Compost – Silver Sustaining since 2018
Natureworks – Silver Sustaining since 2021
Phoenix Bean – Silver Sustaining since 2024
Rotochopper – Silver Sustaining since 2017
SCS Engineers – Silver Sustaining since 2023
SWALCO Solid Waste Agency of Lake County – Silver Sustaining since 2017
SWANCC Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County – Silver Sustaining since 2016
Total Organics Recycling – Silver Sustaining Partner since 2017
University of Illinois Extension – Silver Sustaining since 2024
Viably – Silver ustaining since 2024
Cook County Department of Environmental Control
Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Kane County
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
River Forest Sustainability Commission
Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC)
Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO)
USEPA Region 5
Village of Oak Park
Will County Green

*Haulers and Composters
Christiansen Farms Premium Compost Supplier
Collective Resource
Composting Partners
Garden Prairie Organics
Green Soils Management LLC
Lakeshore Recycling Systems
Land and Lakes
Midwest Compost, LLC
Midwest Organics Recycling
Organix Recycling, LLC.
Patriot Acres
St. Louis Composting
Teegen Compost
The Urban Canopy
WasteNot Compost
Waste Management of Illinois

*Food Scrap Generators: Schools/Universities/Institutions
Illinois State University
Illinois Sustainable Technology Center
Lake County Sheriff’s Office Adult Correctional Facility
University of Illinois at Chicago

BioBag Americas Inc
Bright Beat
CB Beal Consulting
Chicago Event Management
Christopher B. Burke Engineering
Duke’s Alehouse and Kitchen
Feed Earth Now, LLC
JPL Environmental Engineering
Rotochopper, Inc
UNNI Corporation

Go Green Barrington
Go Green Glen Ellyn
Illinois Environmental Council
Knox College
Mindful Waste
Northern Illinois Food Bank
School and Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education (SCARCE)
Seven Generations Ahead
Willoughby Farm


  • Association of Compost Producers (ACP). The ACP is a nonprofit organization whose members are public agencies and private companies involved in the production and marketing of compost. The association helps members work together to improve the quality of soil in gardens, landscaping, and farming.
  • Cornell Waste Management Institute (CWMI). A program in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The CWMI serves the public through research, outreach, training, and technical assistance with a focus on organic residuals.
  • Illinois Wasted Food Solutions Task Force
  • Soils for Salmon Resources (Washington State). Information about the uses and benefits of Best Management Practices to preserve topsoil, reduce compaction, and amend disturbed soils with compost to restore soil health.
  • United States Composting Council (USCC). The USCC supports many programs, including the Seal of Testing Assurance, the Test Methods for the Examination of Composting and Compost, the Compost Analysis Proficiency Program, International Compost Awareness Week, and the Biodegradable Logo project.
  • University of Illinois Extension Composting Guide
  • How to
  • EPA Composting at Home

Periodicals & Books


An industry leader working to turn organic residuals–woody materials, yard trimmings, municipal solid waste, food residuals, biosolids, manure, and other feedstock into value-added products.

Journal of Composting & Recycling;
Published by: The JG Press, Inc.; ISSN 0276-5055

419 State Avenue, Emmaus, PA 18049 USA; 610-967-4135

Compost Science & Utilization
published quarterly
Published by: The JG Press, Inc.
ISSN 1065-657X
419 State Avenue
Emmaus, PA 18049 USA

Resource Recycling
published monthly

North America’s Recycling and Composting Journal
Published by: Resource Recycling, Inc.
1206 N.W. 21st Avenue
Portland, OR 97209-1609
Telephone: 503-227-1319

MSW Management
published seven times annually
Published by: Forester Communications Inc.
5638 Hollister Avenue, #301
Santa Barbara, CA 93117
Telephone: 805-681-1300
Fax: 805-681-1312


Composting Inside and Out
By Urban Worm Girl

Let It Rot: The Gardener’s Guide to  Composting
by Stu Campbell

Worms Eat My Garbage
by Mary Applehoff
Flowerfield Enterprises, LLC
(269) 327-0108

Training Workshops

Angelic Organics Learning Center
Caledonia and Chicago
(815) 389-8455 or (773) 288-5462

Chicago Botanic Garden
(847) 818-2901 or (847) 298-3502

Growing Power Urban Farm
Milwaukee, WI
(414) 527-1546 or (773) 486-6005

Smart Farm


IFSC Spotlight: Hannah’s Bretzel – 2014 YouTube video
IFSC Spotlight: Food For Thought Catering – 2014 YouTube video

Illinois Recycles – Land and Lakes – Commercial Composting – Virtual Tour – 2009 YouTube video
Lake County TV –Highwood and Lake Bluff Begin Residential Food-Scrap Composting Programs – YouTube video
SWALCO – 3 Options for Composting Your Kitchen Food Scraps – YouTube video
SWALCO – Food Scrap Composting: Do’s And Don’ts – YouTube video
SWALCO – Lake County’s Dirty Jobs: Composting – YouTube video
PBS – Food Waste Film (Video)
PBS CHICAGO TONIGHT One Man’s Mission to Expand Composting in Chicago – Clip: 08/17/2016 | 6m 58s.
University of Illinois Extension Henderson, Knox, McDonough and Warren webinar – Approaches to Small Scale Farm Composting – 2014 YouTube video
Village of Oak Park CompostAble Program – Composting On the Enterprise – YouTube video
Waste Management – Composting Tip: How to Create a Newspaper Liner for Food Scraps Container –  2015 YouTube video
WBEZ – Blaine Elementary students explain composting –  YouTube video

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