Across the country, communities are creating food waste diversion goals and helping citizens recognize a valuable resource that can be recycled into a usable soil amendment. Encouraging residents to practice backyard composting, where feasible, can be an effective strategy for community-wide efforts that reduces the use of fuel, labor, and other resources. The more people that compost their own food waste, the less the community, municipality, or hauler needs to collect and transport to a certified composter who will take the material.

For over 20 years, IFSC member organization Recycling Connections has coordinated an annual ‘bulk’ purchase of the Home Composter™ bin on behalf of municipalities, organizations and groups interested in selling compost bins as a way to promote backyard composting and assist with climate or other sustainability goals.

The Compost Bin Group Purchase Program is for nonprofit organizations, schools, and governmental entities in the lower 48 states (USA). The Home Composter™ is only available through these organizations, meaning it is not sold at retail stores. This allows communities and non-profits to offer a high-quality bin to community members at a price that big stores don’t offer, along with the resources they need to be successful with their backyard composting. The base price for each bin depends on the total group order, and in 2022, bin costs were between $50-$55. To date, Recycling Connections has sold almost 19,500 bins throughout the country.

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Participating organizations receive support materials for local sales, including templates for flyers, ads, news releases, and tips for delivering a community compost bin program. Recycling Connections also provides free webinars that can be shared with community members and customers. The program is being offered to communities nationwide, with pricing varying with the shipping location. Program participants can set their own bin sale price to help them meet their community goals, divert more waste, and reduce impacts on landfills. There is also an online pre-sale option for communities who want added support in their sale.

If you would like to participate in the Recycling Connections Spring 2023 Compost Bin Group Purchase Program or to learn more about the program, please visit, or contact Taylor at

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