IFSC is grateful to Midwest Organics Recycling (MOR) for being a Gold level Sustaining Partner. Contributions from Sustaining Partners help further the impact of IFSC’s efforts to support and grow composting infrastructure in Illinois. Take a moment to learn more about MOR.

Midwest Organics Recycling logo, consisting of the words themselves with the "O" in "organics" formed by a two arrows forming a loop.

Midwest Organics Recycling (MOR) is a composting operation located 40 miles north of Chicago in Wauconda Township in Lake County, IL. MOR was established to explore the environmental benefits associated with manure composting while attempting to sustain the viability of one of the last dairy operations in a quickly urbanizing county. Their efforts showed composting to be a viable, more environmentally friendly solution to dairy manure management, and resulted in the development of Organimix brand compost.

Organimix is made from landscape waste such as leaves, grass, and brush, cow manure, and food scraps. It can be used as a soil amendment, lawn dressing, potting soil component or mulch. This value-added compost is certified by the U.S. Compost Council’s Seal Testing of Assurance Program, and is listed by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production. MOR sells Organimix at its facility as well as at select garden centers, nurseries, and some Midwest Whole Foods locations. MOR provides composting services for landscape waste and food scraps, counting municipalities, grocery stores, schools, colleges and universities among its clientele.

Organimix "King of Compost" logo. The "O" in "Organimix" is formed by two arrows that created a loop. There is a drawing of the head and shoulders of a cow wearing a crown.

By collecting and processing food scraps into a valuable compost product, MOR exemplifies the type of services IFSC hopes to see proliferate throughout the state of Illinois. In addition to being IFSC members and Sustaining Partners, Andy Klink, MOR Site Manager, serves on IFSC’s Market Development Committee.

“There are many resources that go into growing food, and not only is important that these resources are not wasted, but also repurposed for a higher use. We pride ourselves on being the only permitted site in Lake County to accept food scraps. It has allowed Lake County’s efforts in food scrap composting to get some traction. We look forward to being a catalyst for food scrap composting and finished compost use in IL along with the IFSC.” —Andy Klink, MOR Site Manager

To learn more about Midwest Organics Recycling, visit their web site at http://www.compostmatters.com/. Their composting facility is located between Bonner and Case at 29353 N Darrell Road in Wauconda Township, IL. Questions can be addressed to contactus@compostmatters.com.