Recycle Track Systems, Inc. (RTS)RTS logo is a Gold Sustaining Partner of IFSC, and actively participates on the IFSC communications committee.

RTS serves a variety of industry sectors and combines digital solutions with high-touch service to make waste disposal easier, smarter, and more responsible. From on-demand removal through a mobile app to fully integrated waste management solutions, RTS helps companies easily track and optimize their pickups. Using data insights, RTS empowers companies with visibility into their waste habits and tangible figures on their climate impact to improve their waste and recycling practices.

The company is also a certified B-Corporation, reflecting its dedication and commitment to meeting stringent standards of environmental transparency and performance. Sustainability is incorporated into all aspects of their business from the services offered to the vendors they partner with to make the least impact on the environment. Their work aligns with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals which are a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

composting food scrapsRTS helps its clients manage multiple types of waste streams, including food waste. The RTS team works with the staff of client organizations to understand the client’s removal needs and trains teams on reducing commercial food waste contamination. Recurring collections are available to synchronize food waste recycling with existing operations, and timely electronic notifications alert staff for loading as well as inform them when food waste collection has arrived at the organics facility. Their services related to food waste and commercial composting include food waste collection; food recovery and donations; dedicated organics collection dumpsters; waste diversion reporting; and education and training.

Food waste issues are addressed in multiple posts on the RTS blog, including one from April 2021, entitled “How to recycle food waste in Chicago–A guide.” The RTS website also features guides such as “Food Waste in America in 2021: Statistics + Facts” and case studies from clients throughout the US. IFSC members might be particularly interested in case studies involving a major league sports stadium that needed assistance with the contamination of various waste streams, including organics; includes among its outcomes diversion of more than 2 million pounds of food waste from a property management case study that landfills per year, and creation of a custom organics recycling program with a brewery, resulting in over 180 tons of spent grain was sorted, collected and processed via anaerobic digestion in one year.

Food Waste in America 2021

IFSC appreciates the contributions of RTS to the efficient and sustainable management of food waste in Illinois and beyond, and looks forward to continued collaboration in the future.

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