Policy Committee

The Policy Committee of the Illinois Food Scrap Coalition promotes policy that supports composting of all organics, including food scraps, and food recovery efforts in Illinois. Since 2010, several policies have expanded the ability of individuals, businesses, schools, and other organizations to recover, compost, and keep food scraps out of landfills.  

Actions and Activities

Policy Committee members review, track, and implement policies that will:

  • Recover food for human consumption and reduce wasted food,
  • Appropriately regulate composting and organics diversion,
  • Incentivize business development related to composting,
  • Encourage the use of end product compost in development, and
  • Provide residential and commercial access to affordable food scrap composting.

The Policy Committee engages in the following activities:

  • Tracks, analyzes, and monitors pending and enacted legislation that impacts IFSC members on the federal, state, and local levels.
  • Reviews policies from other cities, states, and countries that could be adopted in Illinois to encourage food scrap composting.
  • Brings together stakeholders to workshop the best policy practices that can be implemented.
  • Plans for long term policy solutions and organizing that will support its policy goals.
  • Educates decision-makers on compost and composting policies.


Zoom call meetings are scheduled on a monthly basis during the Illinois legislative season and an as-needed basis in the off season.

To join the committee, contact co-chair Liz Kunkle liz.kunkle@gmail.com


Illinois State Rep. Carol Sente and Walter Willis, SWALCO Executive Director


Committee Co-Chairs

Liz Kunkle, Collective Resource Compost & Go Green Winnetka
Jen Walling, Illinois Environmental Council