The We Compost Committee oversees the work being done on the We Compost Recognition Program, a free recognition program that promotes Illinois businesses and institutions that participate in a commercial food scrap compost program.


The We Compost Committee administers the We Compost Recognition Program that highlights entities that compost and encourages more people to patronize businesses that are managing their food scraps responsibly.

We Compost Committees main activities include:

  • Identify entities that are composting food scraps and invite them to apply to the We Compost Recognition Program
  • Process applications and send new partners a recognition packet
  • Work with Website and Social Media Committee to recognize and promote We Compost partners
  • Publish a  biannual We Compost newsletter highlighting best practices and the impact of composting food scraps


Committee Co-Chairs

Amy Bartucci, IFSC Administrative Coordinator
Mary Beth Schaye, Collective Resource Compost



Third Friday of each month @ 12pm, via Zoom.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact committee Co-Chairs:

Amy Bartucci illinoiscomposts@gmail.com

Mary Beth Schaye mbschaye@collectiveresource.us