The Compost Market Development Committee is focused on discovering and publicizing key applications for food scrap amended compost and high quality material, from landscape design to large-scale agriculture.


We close the loop on food scrap amended compost and material by raising awareness among potential buyers and organizing opportunities for companies and individuals to purchase food scrap amended products made right here in Illinois. We are working with farmers markets, environmental education groups, and plant sales to have food scrap amended compost and high quality products for sale!

Think of all the new value we are creating by diverting food scraps from landfill and making a rich soil amendment! As more and more restaurants and households divert food scraps for composting, we’ll need more buyers and sellers of compost who take full advantage of this valuable product.


Committee Members

Benjamin Krumstok (Committee Chair)
Ryan Anderson, Midwest Grows Green/IMP Institute
Rich Blosser, St. Louis Composting
Jamie Brown, Eco Products
Albert Cox, MWRD
Kila Harwick, Green Soils Management
Steve Heeley, Our Sustainable Journey
Greg Kutschke, Midwest Companies
John Lardner, JPL Environmental Engineering
Charlie Murphy, Midwest Compost, LLC
Vytas Pabedinskas, Save Our Soils Compost
Helen Park, independent
Walter Willis, SWALCO


Third Tuesday of the month @ 9:00 am, via conference call

If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact the chairperson:

Benjamin Krumstok