The Illinois Food Scrap Coalition (IFSC) Policy Committee would like to share the following time sensitive information with all IFSC members:

SR706 was introduced by Senator Laura Fine in January of this year. It recognizes the various benefits of composting and declares the week of May 1 – 7, 2022 as “Compost Awareness Week” in Illinois, in line with the dates and theme of “Recipe for Regeneration” of International Compost Awareness Week.

The IFSC Board of Directors has considered SR706 and there is unanimous agreement that the IFSC can and should support this resolution. IFSC encourages its members and other Illinois voters to submit Witness Slips in support of the resolution and to contact their State Senators to tell them they would like to see the resolution pass.

Below are links to the full text of this resolution, the page on the IL General Assembly website where you can submit a Witness Slip, and instructions on how to do so, if you so choose.

Read the full text of SR706 at

To submit a Witness Slip in support of SR706, visit

How to Submit a Witness Slip
We recommend clicking the “log on” button at the top right of the page to create an account. While this is not required, it greatly speeds up the process of submitting subsequent witness slips and it allows you to view or edit any slips you submit at a later time.

1. In Section I. Identification, enter your address and other information. If you are filing as an individual, put your home address. If you are affiliated with an organization, but not authorized to represent it, you might include the information under “firm/business.”

2. In Section II. Representation, it is recommended that you enter “self” or NA, unless you are authorized to represent an organization.

3. In Section III. Position, click on “Proponent” for this Resolution.

4. In Section IV. Testimony, click on “Record of Appearance Only.”

5. Click on “Create(Slip)” at the very bottom right of the page. You may have to check a box saying that you agree to ILGA’s Terms of Agreement in the bottom left corner. You may also see a Captcha system to prove you are not a bot once you click on “Create(Slip).”

6. Witness Slips for this Resolution must be submitted by 11:00am on Thursday, March 24, the end of the committee hearing.

Once your Witness Slip is submitted, it will be immediately viewable online and you will get an email confirmation of the submission.

Any questions can be directed to Liz Kunkle, co-chair of IFSC’s Policy Committee. Thank you in advance for supporting compost awareness in Illinois!

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