Compost Site Maps

IEPA Permitted Compost Facility Map

Find a composting facility near you to deliver/dispose of food scraps and other organics or to purchase finished compost!  The map shows IEPA permitted commercial composting facilities.  Facilities that are IFSC members are marked with a green star. 

Please note: each facility is different and not all facilities accept drop-offs or food waste.  Please review the information on the map or contact the facility to learn about what materials are accepted, who may bring in compostable material, and what finished compost products are available.  

Icons indicate compost facilities.  Click on an icon to view facility information. 

To provide comments and feedback on the map, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




2012 Businesses and Institutions Composting Map


The purpose of the previously-active GIS Mapping subcommitee was to illustrate all the players in the compost industry - from those who generate food scraps to those who pick it up and process it into compost.

DuPage County created a GIS map in 2012 that visually depicted food scrap composting efforts in the 7-county Greater Chicago area. The map shows businesses and institutions that were composting their food scraps at that time as well as compost facilities. The goals of the map were to illustrate infrastructure gaps and to educate policy makers of the growing demand of the industry.

It is hoped that when we gain more resources, this project can be reinvigorated.

View the DuPage GIS map.