The Policy and Permitting committee of the Illinois Food Scrap Coalition analyses and proposes policy that supports food scrap composting.  This committee is working to make sure that food scrap composting is allowed and appropriately regulated, businesses opportunities for food scrap composting are encouraged, and residential dwellers and commercial businesses have access to affordable composting pick up or drop off opportunities.

Conference call meetings are scheduled on an as-needed basis. To join the committee, contact jwalling (at) ilenviro (dot) org.

Food Scrap Composting Laws in Illinois

Current Activities

  • Anaerobic Digester Law
    Currently, there is statutory confusion about the definition of byproducts from anaerobic digestion.  The subcommittee is working to introduce legislation that will specifically regulate anaerobic digesters.
  • Tiered Composting System
    Composting laws and policy should allow and encourage the composting of food scraps.  The subcommittee is reviewing current Illinois regulations and is working to propose new regulations to create a tiered system that regulates each composting operation appropriately.  The goal is to assure that composting is not a public nuisance, but is still widely available.
  • Draft Municipal Model Ordinances
    Municipalities should have a role in regulating composting facilities.  As another project, the subcommittee hopes to propose model ordinances for municipalities in Illinois.
  • Info about Food Scrap Permits
    Information about food scrap composting permits that have been granted by the IEPA is not easily available. The subcommittee is working with the IEPA to make sure these are tracked and easily accessible.
  • Encourage End Use of Product
    The subcommittee also looks to enact policies such as mandating the use of compost by local governments that encourage the end product to be used.

Committee Members

  • Mary Margaret Cowhey, Land and Lakes, NSWMA
  • Marta Keane, Will County
  • Wes King, Illinois Stewardship Alliance
  • John Lardner, JPL Environmental Engineering
  • Christopher Lipman, Cook County
  • Kay McKeen, SCARCE
  • Jim McNelly
  • Dean Olson, Will County, SWANA
  • Derek Rompot, IEPA
  • David  Smith, DCEO
  • David Van Vooren, SWANCC
  • Jennifer Walling, Illinois Environmental Council
  • Walter Willis, SWALCO, SWANA

Bold denotes the chairman of the committee. 

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