The Communications and Outreach Committee goals include:

  • sharing IFSC Member success stories and accomplishments through blogs, presentations, social media and more (Please help us help you to publicize your successes in food scrap composting. Just fill out this short Accomplishments Form and submit!)
  • identifying and researching events that IFSC may attend or that may offer presentation opportunities,
  • maintaining a calendar of relevant events (see right sidebar),
  • developing a system for members to present or represent IFSC at events,
  • building a collection of presentations and collateral to facilitate participation in events, and
  • strengthening community and increasing exposure to the work IFSC is doing in Illinois to increase food scrap composting.

Conference call meetings are the second Monday of the month at 1:30 pm. To join the committee, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or amy(dot)delorenzo(at)gmail(dot)com 

Looking for an IFSC Speaker?

To request an IFSC member to present at your event or organization, please fill out the IFSC Presentation Request Form.

To share your expertise as a presenter or a speaker and/or your recommendations on potential events, conferences and speaking engagements, please fill out the IFSC Public Engagement Recommendations form.

Committee Members

  • Peter Adrian, SWALCO
  • Amy DeLorenzo
  • Andi Dierich, DuPage County
  • Stephanie Katsaros, Bright Beat
  • Mary Beth Schaye, Collective Resource

Bold denotes the chair of the committee. 

Outreach Resources:

IFSC has created a two-sided outreach postcard, which can be downloaded, printed, or emailed to interested parties. Please feel free to share widely.

Side one- offers a general description of the work that IFSC is doing, including website and social media links

Side two- explains We Compost, the voluntary recognition program for restaurants that have committed to collection service for their food scraps, so that they will be composted.

Click the image to download a PDF version of the postcard.

Image of postcard

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