The Illinois Food Scrap Coalition is a group of solid waste agencies, counties, and community and government organizations dedicated to advancing food scrap composting in Illinois through program implementation, policy, and advocacy. Since forming in 2012, IFSC has grown substantially and our work has expanded to the point where we need administrative support. In order to accomplish our initiatives and take food scrap composting to the next level in Illinois, we have moved to a dues paying membership, as of 2016. Join your fellow stakeholders in becoming a member or sustaining partner of IFSC!

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Board of Directors

Josh Connell, Jim Cowhey, Gary Cuneen, Lisa Disbrow, Jennifer Jarland (Chairman), Jeannine Kannegiesser (Secretary), Stephanie Katsaros, John Lardner, Kay McKeen, Charlie Murphy, Jen Nelson, Dean Olson, Sara Koziatek (Vice-chair), Dave Van Vooren (Treasurer), Walter Willis


Sustaining Partners (Learn more about partnership benefits)    

Seven Generations Ahead - Platinum Sustaining Partner since 2017

Midwest Organics Recycling - Gold Supporting Partner since 2016

SCARCE School and Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education - Gold Supporting Partner since 2016

SWALCO Solid Waste Agency of Lake County - Gold Sustaining Partner since 2018, Silver Sustaining Partner since 2017

Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. - Silver Sustaining Partner since 2017

Collective Resource - Silver Sustaining Parter since 2018

Duke's Alehouse & Kitchen - Silver Sustaining partner since 2018

DuPage County - Silver Sustaining Partner since 2017

Rotochopper, Inc - Silver Sustaining Partner since 2018

SWANCC Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County - Silver Sustaining Partner since 2016


Supporting Members (Learn more about membership benefits)   

(Bold denotes founding members)

  • Peter Adrian, Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO)
  • Ning Ai, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Mary Allen, Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC)
  • Lucy Anderson, Loyola University Chicago
  • Hollie Baker-Lutz, Northern Illinois Food Bank
  • Brooke Beal, CB Beal Consulting
  • Kimberly Bell
  • Lars Bergan, Rotochopper, Inc
  • Steve Berglund, Midwest Materials Management
  • Renee Blue, Mindful Waste
  • Elizabeth Bosarge, IFSC
  • Dominic Brose, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
  • Martin Brown, Delta Institute
  • Lacey Carlson, Dekalb County
  • Susan Casey, Seven Generations Ahead
  • Greg Christian, Beyond Green Partners
  • Larry Christiansen, Christiansen Farms
  • Nathan Christiansen, Christiansen Farms
  • Beth Coates, St. Louis Composting
  • Joshua Connell, Lakeshore Recycling Systems
  • Becca Cottrell, Peoria County
  • Jim Cowhey, Organix Recycling
  • John Cowhey, Organix Recycing
  • Mary Margaret Cowhey, Land and Lakes, National Solid Waste Management Association (NSWMA)
  • Albert Cox, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
  • Gary Cuneen, Seven Generations Ahead
  • William Curtin, Loyola University Chicago
  • Amy DeLorenzo
  • Christine DeSousa, Illinois Restaurant Association
  • Pat Dieckhoff, McHenry County College
  • Andi Dierich, DuPage County
  • Michael Dimucci, Garden Prairie Organics
  • Lisa Disbrow, Waste Management, National Solid Waste Management Association (NSWMA)
  • Zak Dolezal, Duke's Alehouse and Kitchen
  • Rita Dullinger, Rotochopper, Inc
  • Aaron Durnbaugh, Loyola University Chicago
  • Bob Flood, Flood Brothers Disposal Company
  • Michael J. Flood, Flood Brothers Disposal Company
  • William Flood Jr., Flood Brothers Disposal Company
  • Saul Gallardo, Christiansen Farms
  • David Gavlick, St. Louis Composting
  • Richard Golf, Lakeshore Recycling Systems
  • David Gorter, DK Organics, LL
  • Heather Goudreau, SCARCE
  • Marlin Hartman, ILCSWMA
  • Cameron Hendricks, Village of Oak Park
  • Lynn Herlien, Compost Supply
  • Joy Hinz, DuPage County
  • Erlene Howard, Collective Resource
  • David Husemoller, College of Lake County
  • Joe Iosbaker, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Jennifer Jarland, Kane County
  • James Jennings, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
  • Jennifer Kainz, Mindful Waste
  • Jeannine Kannegiesser, Northern Illinois Food Bank
  • Stephanie Katsaros, Bright Beat
  • Marta Keane, Will County
  • Bill Kennedy, Organix Recycling, LLC.
  • Bill Kenney, Lakeshore Recycling Systems
  • Ben Killman
  • Cynthia Klein-Banai, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Michael Klich, OM Composting and Consulting
  • Andy Klink, Midwest Organics Recycling
  • Sara Koziatek, St. Louis Composting
  • Ted Krueger, Midwest Organics Recycling
  • Benjamin Krumstok, Composting Partners
  • Kuldip Kumar, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
  • Greg Kutschke, Midwest Materials Management
  • Garrett Lapsys, Komptech Americas LLC
  • John Lardner, JPL Environmental Engineering
  • Christopher Lipman, Cook County
  • Tyler Louky, St. Louis Composting
  • Andrew Mariani, DK Organics, LL
  • Jerry McCabe, Midwest Material Management
  • Kay McKeen, School and Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education (SCARCE)
  • Tomas Miniotas, Collective Resource, Inc.
  • Julie Moller, River Forest Sustainability Committee
  • John Mulrow, UIC, Environmental Engineering
  • Charlie Murphy, Midwest Compost, LLC
  • Pat Murphy, Midwest Compost, LLC
  • Jen Nelson, Seven Generations Ahead
  • Jonathan O'Connell, Christopher B. Burke Engineering 
  • Dean Olson, Will County
  • Vytas Pabedinskas,  Save Our Soil
  • Kathy Pecora, Will County
  • Terry Philips, BioBag Americas, Inc.
  • Jennifer Pope, BioBag Americas, Inc.
  • Eva Pytel, Delta Institute
  • Karen Raithel, Peoria County
  • Merleanne Rampale, Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO)
  • Laurie Rasmus, Macon County Environmental Management
  • Erica Rooney, 71 South Wacker Drive LLC
  • Liz Sarnik, Food For Thought
  • Ryan Schams, Rotochopper, Inc
  • Mary Beth Schaye, Collective Resource
  • Julie Schilf, USEPA Region 5
  • Steven Schilling, Deigan & Associates, LLC
  • Jessica Schumacher, Cook County
  • Cathy Scratch, Feed Earth Now
  • Joy Scrogum, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center
  • Holden Senn-Raemont, Midwest Organics Recycling
  • Lori Shramek, MA Center
  • David Smith, IL Energy Office - Recycling Program
  • Deborah Stone, Cook County Department of Environmental Control
  • Joe Taylor, Best Waste Solutions, LLC
  • Megan Taylor, Best Waste Solutions, LLC
  • Mark Teegan, Back Yard Composting Support from Organics Recycling
  • Becky tracy, ILCSWMA
  • David Van Vooren, Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC)
  • Jennifer Walling, Illinois Environmental Council
  • Megan Walton, Delta Institute
  • Mike Welch, College of Lake County
  • Julia Wetstein, Vegware US
  • Mark Williams, BioBag Americas, Inc.
  • Walter Willis, Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO)
  • Julie Yurko, Northern Illinois Food Bank
  • David Zampillo, Lettuce Entertain You

This list has been updated as of 10/26/2018.