IFSC Accomplishments


2017 Board Members, (years of term left), Executive Officers

Josh Connell – Lakeshore Recycling Services (1)
Gary Cuneen - SGA (1)
Andi Dierich - DuPage (1)
Michelle Gibson- DeKalb (2)
Jennifer Jarland - Kane Co (1) - Secretary
Stephanie Katsaros - BrightBeat (2)
John Lardner – JPL Environmental Engineering (2)
Christopher Lipman - Cook Co (1)
Kay McKeen - SCARCE (1)
Charlie Murphy – Midwest Compost (2)
Jen Nelson - SGA (2)
Dean Olson - Will (2)
Sara Ryan - St. Louis Composting (2) - Vice Chair
Dave VanVooren - SWANCC (1) - Treasurer
Walter Willis - SWALCO (1) - Chairman


  • Illinois Soil, Food, Water, and Composting Summit, November 3, 2017 Attendees learned more about the connectivity between issues and explore opportunities for collaborative work that lead to eco-effective, socially-responsive, and economically viable results across topic areas.
  • New Administrative Coordinator hired starting January 2017 – Elizabeth Bosarge
  • Economic and Market Impact Study completed.  Building on the 2015 Food Scrap Composting Challenges and Solutions in Illinois Report produced by recent collaboration with the Illinois Food Scrap Coalition (IFSC), Seven Generations Ahead (SGA) contracted Skumatz Economic Research Associates (SERA) to identify the problems associated with landfilling organics, food scraps in particular, and recommend solutions emphasizing the development of the Illinois sustainable food industry. The goals of the project were to examine the influence of expanded food scraps recovery and composting programs on improving the viability of commercial composting ventures in Illinois, driving Illinois-based food production, and enhancing the local food economy in Illinois, including jobs and revenues.
  • We Compost - 44 partners joined us in 2017.  The current total is 153 Partners who are participating in a composting program in Illinois!


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