2018 Board Members, (years of term left), Executive Officers

Josh Connell – Lakeshore Recycling Services (2)
Jim Cowhey - Organix Recycling (2)
Gary Cuneen - SGA (2)
Lisa Disbrow - Waste Management (2)
Jennifer Jarland - Kane Co (2) - Chair
Jeannine Kannegiesser - Northern Illinois Food Bank (2) - Secretary
Stephanie Katsaros - BrightBeat (1)
Sara Koziatek - St. Louis Composting (1) - Vice Chair
John Lardner - JPL Environmental Engineering (1)
Kay McKeen - SCARCE (2)
Charlie Murphy – Midwest Compost (1)
Jen Nelson - SGA (1)
Dean Olson - Will (1)
Dave VanVooren - SWANCC (2) - Treasurer
Walter Willis - SWALCO (2)



  • IEPA Permitted Composter Facility MAP created by the Market Development Committee
  • Analysis of the Barriers and Opportunities for the Use of Compost in Agriculture white paper completed. 
  • Green Partner level added to We Compost program
  • HB 4790 passed in both the house and senate and is before the governor - Legislation increases the use of compost in transportation projects at the state and helps create a market for the use of compost in Illinois.  Any state agency that undertakes a landscaping project requiring the use of new or offsite soil for landscape-related use and that is located within 10 miles of any IEPA permitted compost facility shall request a separate bid for compost amended soil as part of that project. 
  • We Compost logo trademarked in 2018


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