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Compost Yields Healthy Crops

which promotes increased water retention and nutrient absorption for plant growth. Compost also provides a feedstock for essential microorganisms in the soil that aid plants and roots.

Utilizing Food Scraps in Compost

returns a nutrient rich soil amendment back to the earth and diverts roughly 30% of waste volumes sent to landfill annually in Illinois. 

Integrating Food Scraps Through Collection

drives demand from the bottom up, creating broader diversion opportunities for food scrap generators and haulers.

Wasting 40% of Food Supply

increases the need for more production of food crops. If efficiencies can be found in this system, the same amount of food can find its way to feed more people.

Restaurant Composting


Business/Institutional Composting


Residential Composting


Illinois Soil, Food, Water, and Compost Summit

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Join us at The Illinois Soil, Food, Water, and Composting Summit on November 3rd 2017!

Where: Robert H. Metcalfe Federal Building, 77 West Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604

Purpose: To bring together leaders and practitioners working on soil conservation, water quality protection, sustainable agriculture/local food, food recovery, and composting to learn more about the connectivity between issues and explore opportunities for collaborative work that lead to eco-effective, socially-responsive, and economically viable results across topic areas. 

Outcomes: Develop tangible policy, project, and program ideas that answer the following questions: 

  • What are the linkages and leverage points between protecting Illinois waterways, large-scale compost application, and growing food for local consumption?
  • How can systems within institutions/businesses support food recovery for people in need and composting?
  • Can Illinois grow a local food economy without ruining its water ways and natural resources?

This event is organized by Seven Generations Ahead in partnership with:

The Illinois Environemental Council, Bright Beat, SCARCE, Will County, and The Board of the Illinois Food Scrap Coalition